Xi jinping arrives in singapore ahead of china taiwan meeting with china lianzi. #Echo2 pic.twitter.com/QpFV3C0HvE — Peter Gavlak (@PeterGavlak) June 20, 2017

The three other countries in the group of nine that Beijing invited to join were Japan, the United States, and Australia. Chinese media also cited as evidence US news media reporting that the four-day meeting was the Chinese president’s first in Singapore since he took office in late December.

Singapore was expected to be a key venue for China to press for economic cooperation and closer ties with Taiwan. China is home to one-fifth of Taiwan’s 65 million islanders and has frequently expressed its displeasure over island sovereignty.

But China also plans a massive investment project on its mainland that could boost both Singapore and Taiw바카라an’s economies.

China plans a massive investment project on its mainland that could boost both Singapore and Taiwan’s economies. The Guardian reported earlier this year that China would deploy a large number of military and military-related vessels in the South China Sea. The buildup is aimed at countering the United States’ naval drills in the region that have increased tensions, including in the Spratlys, the disputed waters between China and neighboring Vietnam.

President Trump had told Chinese President Xi Jinping that Beijing should “immediately stop” its militarization of the South China Sea, as part of a larger regional military strategy. The two leaders had a meeting in Hawaii this year to discuss that strategy, and Trump is due to meet Xi in Washington in early April.

It remains unclear what would come of President Trump’s plan to move the바카라 US embassy in Taiwan from Tel Aviv to Beijing, where it has lived since 1949. China has objected to that mo바카라ve, in part, because it is opposed to a planned “One Belt, One Road” highway system that Beijing would like to build in the region and sees that as a threat to its security.

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